Looking ahead to next month's Labelexpo show in Chicago

Avery Dennison will be introducing RollXchange.com, its new web based trading site for surplus roll materials. RollXchange.com will enable convert- ers to buy and sell both Fasson brand and competitive materials. The company claims converters selling product on the site will enjoy recovered asset costs and reduced warehousing expenses. “Sellers will reach hundreds of buyers with a single, easy-to-manage listing. Buyers will have instantaneous access to thousands of discounted products.” Among many advantages promised for converters shopping on the site is the ability to buy only what’s needed – whether it’s a single roll or a truckload – and to get it fast. Credit, collection and delivery logistics are all handled by Avery Dennison. The web based service will be available to all Fasson customers in the US and based on a 60 day double-blind ‘Dutch auction’ concept. Booth 119.

More information from: Margaret Dishman, Avery Dennison Fasson Roll Europe – TEL: +44 (0)1670 714361.

Aztech Machinery is to introduce several new lines and expansions to its range of equipment. These include new slitter rewinders said to be cost competitive and offer many standard features – 40in roll capacity and widths up to 16in. The new DieMaster DM-4016 is a 16in, three-station die cutter/slitter which includes slitting and dual rewind. A single station re-registration option for all three DieMasters – 10, 13 and 16in widths – will also figure in the display, together with unwind stations in widths up to 20in and diameters to 50in. Other exhibits to be shown will be powered rewinders in widths up to 16in and diameters to 40in, and rewinders for roll to roll converting in widths from 10-18in and diameters to 50in. Booth 429.

More information from: Aztech Machinery – TEL: +1 480 951 8351.

The Burton Group, supplier of inspection slitting, rewinding and specialist converting machinery, will show its latest products, including the new Omega Systems Fleyevision. The Fleyevision was developed for on-line print image control, with emphasis on ease of operation using smart camera technology and a well organized menu. The operator will be conversant within less than one hour, the company claims. Fleyevision is designed as a stand-alone or integrated system allowing inspection in the following areas: blurred images, missing colour, register variations, missing labels and text, and matrix. Booth 1039.

More information from: Richard Baldwin, A B Graphic Machinery – TEL: +44 (0)1262 671138.

Enercon claims its TL Max system is the only bare roll surface treater that “can truly treat all types of materials”. It also improves ink adhesion and print quality, maxi- mizes press speed, and reduces ink usage, according to Enercon. Claimed to “pack more treating power per electrode than any other system available”, its special electrode configuration delivers up to 100 per cent more treating power while requiring 28 per cent less mounting space. The TL Max is simple to install and easy to maintain. The electrode design is said to simplify maintenance and increase electrode life. Information will also be available on Enercon’s new Plasma 3 atmospheric plasma system for special applications, including treatment of ‘difficult to treat’ materials. Booth 155.

More information from: Martin Murphy, Enercon Industries – TEL: +44 (0)1296 330542. EMAIL: marketing@enerconind.co.uk

Under the banner of ‘Success and Security for the Label Printer’, Gallus will be highlighting several presses – demonstrating its ability to offer the right solution for label printers worldwide. The RCS 330 is now delivering, under commercial conditions, the real-time benefits of computer driven servo technology in the market for short run, high quality labels. The EM 260/410/510 series of flexo presses, available in 10, 16 and 20in web widths – and with up to 100 different modules to suit differing market requirements – now offers an ‘Easy Change’ feature for off-line print preparation. The EM range benefits from an interchangeable rotary screen unit to provide added production flexibility. The EM 280, claimed to be “probably the most versatile starter press”, is capable of delivering a variety of flexo, screen, and hot foil printed products to suit changing market demands. According to Gallus, its ‘Plug & Print’ capability offers a novel combination of no-compromise quality with a rapid return on investment. Booth 929.

More information from: Klaus Bachstein, Gallus – TEL: +41 71 242 8305.

ITW Dynatec will be demonstrating its patented Laminated Plate Technology, a non contact hot melt adhesive applicator. The LPT is claimed to offer tremendous savings in adhesive usage and on-going operational costs. In addition to the savings, the system is said to offer more adhesive fibre control and flexibility, resulting in improved quality of the finished product. Booth 3131.

More information from: www.itw.com

ITW Foilmark is part of the ITW Foils global team said to offer the industry’s largest network of graphic hot stamp foil manufacturing, distribution and product selection. It supplies metallic, diffraction and pigment hot stamp foil used to enhance the appearance and perceived value of labels, consumer packaging and products. The product range is said to cover the spectrum of graphic applications. Booth 1611.

More information from: www.itw.com

ITW Holographics produces custom 2D hologram designs from digital artwork with its proprietary iSCAN system. The company claims to own the world’s only iSCAN technology, which produces high speed (1,000 pixels/s), computer to plate, large format (30x40in) masters, in 3.5 hours. ITW manufactures holographic film, paper/board and metallized paperboard, in rolls and sheets. Booth 1611.

More information from: www.itw.com

ITW I.Kela will exhibit with sister company ITW Foils as “the industry’s only single global source supplier” for the rotary hot foil stamping process. The process will be shown on a Mark Andy press using “the world’s best selling” hot stamping unit with the rotary hot foil stamping cylinders and foils of ITW Foilmark/ITW Foils. Booth 1611.

More information from: www.itw.com

Kocher+Beck will be presenting itself not only as a die manufacturer, but as an all-round service provider for the label and printing industries. The company has manufacturing facilities in Germany, the UK and the USA. The full product line will be presented, including flexible dies for flat and rotary application, magnetic cylinders and flat magnetic bases for all machines, solid cutting cylinders CNC and EDM, slitting and perforating cylinders, printing cylinders, hot stamping cylinders and envelope making dies. Booth 3135.

More information from: Dennis G Redd, Kocher & Beck – TEL: +1 913 529 4336. EMAIL: info@kocher-beck.com

MacDermid is to introduce its Encore uncapped sheet photopolymer plates. Lower dot gain and higher solid ink densities are among the benefits claimed. Booth 5713.

More information from: John Wilson, MacDermid Graphic Arts – TEL: +44 (0)161 476 4455. EMAIL: uk.sales@macdermidga.com

Mark Andy’s new Digital Inkjet Printing and Converting System will make its US debut at the show. The module, developed exclusively with dotrix, integrates directly into a 13in Mark Andy 2200 flexo press. It incorporates standard in-line, single pass flexo converting operations. The system is said to be capable of printing multi colour, high end graphics with 100 per cent variable information at 80ft/min. Its 300dpi resolution and eight levels of grayscale are said to be industry firsts. Mark Andy says digital inkjet technology is right for the tag and label market – delivering short runs for just-in-time orders, multiple bar coded items and any other variable graphic demands. The system is capable of printing on most substrates with virtually no repeat limitations, it adds. Quick turn-around is another major advantage of this technology, with no need to wait on prepress imaging, film processing and printing plates. Booth 319.

More information from: Michael Richardson, Mark Andy UK – TEL: +44 (0)1625 500964.

Web control specialist Montalvo will show its latest tension controllers, load cells, pneumatic friction brakes, clutches and safety chucks. For the narrow web sector, the N50 load cell is said to provide excellent linearity and low hysteresis. It can be integrated with label/forms presses, tag and cantilevered web based converting machines. A new development is the U-3500ce ultrasonic web tension controller, which provides non contact control in unwind and rewind applications. This open loop system is well suited for applications where tension load cells or dancer rolls cannot be mounted, or in applications where web contact is not an option. It is said to incorporate features, previously only available in advanced closed loop systems. Booth 3243.

More information from: Philip Fletcher, Arrowhive Equipment – TEL: +44 (0)1491 682044. EMAIL: arrowhiveequipment@btinternet.com

Nilpeter is to introduce the FB line of flexo presses, manufactured at the company’s US facility in Cincinnati. High capacity drying and a special ink system design are claimed to make it “the narrow web industry’s fastest production press, allowing dramatic- ally lower set-up and run times”. The new range includes presses in 10.75, 13.75 and 16.75in web widths. It offers repeat capabilities from 5.25-24in and is compatible with existing print cylinders and dies. With a maximum web running speed of 750ft/min, the FB presses can also print on a wide variety of substrates. Additional flexibility and competitive advantage is achieved by adding combination processes such as UV flexo, rotary screen, hot stamp and gravure. Booth 3205.

More information from: Nick Hughes, Nilpeter UK – TEL: +44 (0)1482 629600

Omet will be showing the new Varyflex flexo press, which was launched at Labelexpo Europe last September. The Varyflex processes material, from 12 micron film through to 600 micron carton board. Its advantages are said to include the opportunity to adjust print pressures in an easy and precise way, as well as automatic pre-register, with time and material savings. According to Omet, it is the only narrow web flexo machine on the market without gears on the print cylinder. The exclusive electronic web control system, combined with gearless technology and the special sleeve change system, enable rapid and easy job changes, the company affirms. Booth 5829.

More information from: Marco Calcagni, Marco Calcagni, Omet Srl, Via Caduti a Fossoli, 22, Lecco 23900, LC, Italy.

Pillar Technologies will feature its newest narrow web corona treating system. The unitized narrow web corona treater and power supply combination was engineered to fit into tight press configurations. Due to space constraints on some of the most popular presses, Pillar took the drawings from its OEM’s and incorporated an extremely compact, user friendly narrow web corona treater with a choice of built-in or detachable P6000 power supply. Machines come in top-side, two-side and bottom-side treat configurations. Units have removable electrodes with hands-free high voltage connection. They are designed for label or narrow web applications from 7.5-26in, and mount directly onto existing presses. Booth 1221.

More information from: Cheryl Miller, Pillar Technologies – TEL: +1 414 367 3060.

Visitors to the Primarc booth will see a selection of UV curing lamps, including types suitable for many label presses. The company offers to produce a lamp to meet virtually any requirement, “whether it’s paper labels, PSAs, holographics, over-varnish, silicone release, die-less foiling, or film lamination”. It has developed a wide range of metal halide lamps for curing inks used in label printing. The addition of metal halides creates specific wavelengths of UV radiation to match the sensitivity of the photopolymer being cured. Also on show will be the company’s electrode- less microwave bulb. Booth 3522.

More information from: Keith Lane, Primarc UV Technology – TEL: 01753 528678. EMAIL: uv@primarc.com

Rotoflex plans to highlight its vision technology, high speed inspection systems, slitter rewinders, and die cutting machines. With the capability of 100 per cent vision solutions for a wide variety of label and converting applications, the company offers solutions to meet the increasing demands for quality and precision. The combination of its VSI, VLI and Security level machines, integrated computer and digital features and technology, with four levels of vision technology, is said to give the capability to suit the widest possible range of applications. Booth 629.

More information from: Mr G Carlon, Rotoflex International – FAX: +44 (0)161 406 6055.

Simco’s exhibit will include new static neutralizing bars – the Blue Bar, the Blue Bar HL for hazardous areas, and the PerforMAX system with monitor. They are said to offer high speed, extended range and affordability, while improving product quality and reducing production costs. Also on display will be the Neutro-Vac and the Neutro-Vac NWS, a narrow web cleaning system in three standard sizes – 8, 12 and 18in – which are said to install easily onto most major narrow web presses. Because the systems are manufactured in standard sizes, savings up to 50 per cent off custom engineered systems are claimed. Booth 1223.

More information from: Michael Essler, WLT Ltd – TEL: +44 (0)1274 220300. Email: tecsales@wlt.co.uk

Tecscan distributor Printvision Systems will unveil for the first time to North American audiences the CS1 ColourScan video web inspection system for narrow web label applications. It employs the latest Sony 3-chip CCD digital ‘firewire’ camera technology, enabling the camera to spot defects with pin-point precision at high press speeds and before unacceptable levels of waste are generated. Also on show is the CS3 system. This comprises a three-chip CCD camera module with motorized zoom and fitted with a dioptre lens for zero chromatic aberration and geometric correction; a high intensity long life strobe; monitor; CE approved control unit; manual or motorized traverse system; and operator interface. Synchronization is by a special proximity sensor, selected to ensure accurate image stability during the press jog and stop functions. The free standing micro- processor based control unit offers split screen control for image comparison and 100 per cent label/package inspection. Tecscan claims the new cameras and complementary technology can “see as much as five times more than was previously possible”. Booth 3905.

More information from: Malcolm Lear, Tecscan Electronics – TEL: +44 (0)1443 821552.

Label substrate producer UCB Films will display a series of new BOPP films, highlighting Rayoart, the high performance graphic arts film said to resist UV degradation for up to two years. Other films to feature include a range of Rayofoil ready-to-use metallized facestock, and Rayoface two-side coated material – which has a print receptive top coating on one side and an adhesive anchorage coating on the other. These are said to be ideal for peel, re-seal and removable applications. Booth 5202.

More information from: Patricia Potts, UCB Films – TEL: +44 (0)16973 42281. EMAIL: patricia.potts@ucb-group.com

Valmet Converting includes the Atlas, Valmet, Titan and General companies. Atlas claims to be world leader in slitter rewinder technology for labelstock. Its OCS-2 is said to be the most successful 2m wide labelstock slitter. The new OCW-2 centre surface machine also provides advanced technology for slitting both con- ventional and filmic/synthetic label- stock. Valmet TSK and CTS sheeters are said to be ideal for sheet-fed printers of labelstock or other laminated webs, with press-ready stacking, high speed/high precision operation providing the most economic and versatile solutions. Titan is a leading manufacturer of secondary slitter rewinders for labelstock, paper, film and flexible packaging. The company’s most successful product is the Titan SR7, a versatile machine for converting labelstock. General is claimed to be the world’s premier supplier of vacuum web coating and metallizing technology for paper, film and flexible packaging materials. This includes systems for deposition of conventional aluminium for metallized papers for beer labels and clear barrier coatings. The machines are said to provide minimal downtime and superb quality at high speeds. Booth 1440.

More information from: Roger Astell, Valmet Converting Equipment – TEL: +44 (0)1234 852553.

As a print media, cross-laminated Valéron Strength Film is said to combine coated paper qualities with the strength and durability of a synthetic. Engineered for high performance tag and label applications, the material is claimed to be extremely tear and puncture resistant. It is also outdoor durable, and can be sewn, punched, grommeted or die cut. Printable by all conventional processes, the film is available in various widths, weights and coatings. V-Max synthetic papers – another Valeron product – are offered as an economical alternative for less critical applications. Booth 1225.

More information from: Petri Ven, Strength Films – TEL: +32 3 670 07 30. Email pven@valeron.com

Talking shops

This year’s conference programme is claimed to be the result of extensive research into the industry’s needs. it will cover 28 topics across four tracks: Market Segments, Technology, Latin America and Best Business Practices. They include: Whats driving your customers’ needs?; Transforming your sales force; Security markets; RFID overview; Pressure sensitive – where are you looking?; Value added applications – enhancing the value of labels; Focus on Latin America: Narrow web market overview; and What’s new in food labelling. Among the speakers will be Chritian Simic, group vp of Fasson Roll Worldwide, Avery Dennison; Bob Seeds, president of International Financial Services; Bill Austen, president of MACtac; and eric Short, president of RDP Marathon.