Tape converter chooses CMC

CMC Converting Machinery Cevenini recently delivered its special TNF7/ED log slitting machine to a major UK tape converter. With a working width of 1,600mm, the equipment can cut logs with a maximum outside diameter of 600mm on three and six inch mandrels. It features an automatically operated full air locking system.

This model has been designed to cut very tight rewound materials such as coated and non coated films, protective tapes, silicone and thermal paper. Slitting is by a saw blade with a maximum diameter of 700mm. The working cycle is fully automatic, with the exception of log loading and cut roll unloading – performed with a manually operated in-line trolley. A hydraulic lift allows the log to be raised to the same height as the shaft/mandrel of the machine for loading.

The TNF7/ED has been delivered with a special “full sound-proof interlocked guarding cabinet” complying with CE safety and noise reduction rules. A microprocessor enables the operator to pre-set and control all the working functions. The saw blade is guarded and includes a facility for connecting a suction pipe for the extraction of waste material. Quick release catches allow easy access when removing the blade.

Euromac’s double

Euromac recently delivered two automatic slitters to the Tradate plant of Gallazzi, a specialist in calendering PVC for pharmaceutical and foodstuff applications. The machines – one 2.2m wide and one 1.7m wide – are now in production.

The 2.2m slitter is a TB308T2 type with double turret and automatic cycle change that includes automatic taping of cores, closing of rolls, transversal splice, roll extraction and conveying. The 1.7m slitter is a TB308 type.

Both machines are equipped to operate to the highest cleanroom standards by aerial web path, surface treatment of frames, and safety barriers. The operator does not have to touch the film or the rolls. The slitters have a 860mm rewind diameter and a top speed of 600m/min.

Stratus into Combat

Gidue has supplied an E-Combat shaftless flexo press to Stratus Packaging for the production of pressure sensitive and filmic substrates. Equipped with eight UV flexo printing units, the E-Combat brings the number of label presses in the Stratus stable to 34.

Stratus is one of the largest printing groups in Europe with four sites in France and Benelux serving an international customer base. It offers a wide range of labels and flexible packaging to the pharmaceutical, health and beauty, food and automotive industries that include in-mould labels, inserts, leaflet, scratch-off, security and cartons printed by the litho, UV flexo, screen and digital processes.

Jose Arias, of Stratus Packaging, commented: “We selected the E-Combat because it seems to us the best choice with regard to the current label market and our strategy”.

The E-Combat has servo driven controls for all press functions and with the benefit of electronic drives will enable Stratus to print and convert substrates from 15 micron film up to 350g/m2 cartonboard. The specification includes twin cold foil units, and laminating and delam/relam units, with an option for future installation of the IML in-mould label delivery system.

Anca acquires another FEBA lathe slitter

Agent Eurograv recently installed several FEBA lathe slitters in the UK. Ten years after the purchase of its first FEBA, Midlands based tape distribution company Anca Industrial Supplies has added a single shaft F400 Level Four machine with digital drives and AC motors from Telemechanique. The Level Four specification includes a touchscreen display and data recall system, and automatic roll edge and roll diameter acquisition, to minimize set-up and cycle times.

All FEBA machines are fitted with modem control for remote diagnostics that also allow FEBA to operate the machine. This can prove invaluable. For example, when the Anca machine operator was taken ill for a few days, the company simply connected the machine through the modem and FEBA personnel actually set it up and slit the rolls remotely from Italy, allowing Anca to meet the delivery requirements.

A large diameter F500 Level One machine has also been supplied to UK foam and rubber converter Atlantic Rubber and Plastics. Phil Hayes, the operations manager, comments: “Large diameter narrow slits are constantly produced to a very high standard in both appearance and accuracy. In fact we currently slit 400mm in diameter down to a 2mm slit width, easily, time after time, after time.”


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