Thermo Electron Corporation

Stand 12444

T +44 (0)870 609 0203

A number of new product offerings take pride of place on the Thermo Electron Corporation stand. Visitors will be offered the first viewing of the Ramsey AC9 GP ultra hygienic checkweigher.

It will be demonstrated as part of a new generation, combined AC9 GP checkweigher and metal detector system. The company’s established Allen marking and coding system will also be present, sporting a new laser-coding unit.

Ulma Packaging

Stand 11230

T +44 (0) 1909 506 504

Making its UK debut will be the Pacific Flow Vac, which is designed to replace the use of pre-made vacuum bags in the meat, cheese and processed meats industries.

Also on show will be the Atlanta Hi-Tec, which is capable of flow packing up to 400 packs/min. It works with a variety of films and is able to create packaging lengths up to 450 and 250mm wide.

For those looking for a thermoforming solution Ulma will be displaying the TF Plus, suitable for food and medical products, with the added benefit of both vacuum and MAP versions available. Also on display will be Ulma’s Florida Flowrapper, a three version, entry level horizontal form fill and seal machine and, finally, the Etna Hi Tec for vertical packaging completes the line-up.

Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps

Stand 12146

T +44 (0)1326 376009

On display for the first time in the UK will be the new 520RC pumphead for Watson-Marlow’s industrial range of processing pumps for flow rates up to 4.6 litres/min.

Manufactured in polyphenylene sulphide, the pumps provide stability, impact and chemical resistance, making them ideal for hazardous or expensive fluids.

Also making its debut will be the 700 peristaltic pump with SureLoad technology, designed for the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Weber Marking Systems

Stand 12345

T +44 (0)187 5611111

A new range of inkjet coders from Weber Marking Systems will make their debut

The four additions include the Jetcoder that has been designed for large character coding. The Uniline and Multiline machines are capable of printing high definition text, graphics and barcodes onto packs. The Multiline features up to four print heads for every control box to produce text in font heights up to 48mm.

The new Waxmark uses wax, rather than ink, as its print medium. This allows the marks to adhere rapidly onto materials. Up to four lines of clear letter quality text can be produced.


Stand 12221

T +44 (0) 1274 220220

Centre of attention will be placed on the new SmiPack FP6000 automatic L-sealer. The unit is ideal for shrink wrapping a confectionery, biscuits, bottles, sponges, cans, videos, software and cutlery, at speeds of up to 30packs/min.

According to Wrapid, the FP6000 is an advanced automatic L-sealer with a 16-bit microprocessor for control and supervision, including the capacity to store up to 15 operational programmes. The sealing temperature can be adjusted and sealing is by continuous cycle with the capability of packing single packs or multipacks.

First time exhibited will be a case sealing machine from Italian manufacturers Mondo & Scaglione.

The CRC case sealer is ideal for creating packs for bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical shaped containers.