Exhibitors and visitors from every link of the processing and packaging production lines will once again flock to the PPMA Machinery Only Show, now in its 15th year. The industry's premier UK event will take place from 22-25 September 2003 at the UK's National Exhibition Centre, near Birmingham. The show attracts a wide audience of machinery and processing equipment professionals from all market sectors. "This year's show will be more comprehensive than ever," says exhibition director Barbara Jackson. Packaging Today International's editorial and sales staff will be present at the show and you are assured of a warm welcome when you visit our stand [12360]. In fact, this will present an ideal opportunity to meet the new editor, Gerry Duggin. Some of the key exhibits are previewed in the following pages.

Advanced Labelling Systems

Stand 12310

T 01844 213177


Highlights will be the new Tray-Fix self-adhesive sleeve labelling system and the integration of SCADA software into print and apply systems.

Developed in partnership with the Field Group, Tray-Fix is a self-adhesive alternative to traditional board sleeves for chilled and ready meals. The compact ALS Tray-Fix labelling system applies the innovative lightweight carton-board label automatically to the container’s film lid and down the sides.

This prevents any movement, eliminates the possibility of in-store swapping of sleeves and fall off in transit cost effectively.

The ALX 2038 print and apply labeller has an integrated Zebra PAX3 print engine, programmed with Zebra’s new SCADA integration software.

Using the industry-standard OPC communication protocol, it can integrate seamlessly with any commercially available SCADA package on the market.

This brings together, for the first time ever, continuous communication between print and apply labelling equipment and other existing mission critical factory processes, with one central controller, through a graphically represented factory monitoring and processing system.

Aetna UK

Stand 11110

T +44 (0)1234 825050


Rotary turntable ROTOPLAT semi auto pallet stretch wrappers with new operational features and the ‘cut and grip’ automatic film holding device, which has already become a popular labour saving feature, will be in the spotlight.

One of the new high-speed ROBOPAC pallet stretch wrappers will represent the fully automatic range and practical advice will be available for companies who are looking for improved line layout and systems information.

Also on show will be the WFG1200 – the very latest example of Weitek’s proven tubular bagging systems.

All-Fill International

Stand 12235

T +44 (0) 1767 691100


All vertical augur-based powder filling machines now feature PLC control with touch screen HMI panel, replacing the microprocessor/membrane keypad controls.

One particularly useful feature is the optional graphical trend display, which shows the fill weight performance in ‘real time’ as the machine is operating

Also on the stand will be a selection of AFI Series 10 floor-standing semi-automatic fillers, including the popular servo-driven weigh filler machine.

The system to be exhibited fills onto a load cell. Gravimetric filling onto the load cell overcomes the inaccuracies inherent when filling inconsistent powders with varying densities, and servo drive provides an unparalleled precision of augur stopping position.


Stand 12145

T +44 (0) 1256 467177


The range of different shapes and products that can be overwrapped by Alpma technology will be demonstrated. Sample products in unwrapped and wrapped states will show the benefits of minimal packaging, which will become increasingly attractive as waste regulations – already in place – are adhered to.

Astec Conveyors

Stand 12225

T +44 (0)1283 210 333


Astec Conveyors will use PPMA to launch a range of spiral conveyors.

The conveyors are designed to deliver smooth transfer of product in either direction from upper and lower levels, while taking up a small footprint area. Typical items for transportation include cartons, cans, sacks, shrink-wrapped products.

Additional technology to be spotlighted includes the Channeliser, which offers automatic route selection for dividing or combining flow of product at speed.

It can be used in check weighing, product detection, lidding and labelling applications.

Bradman Lake

Stand 10311

T +44 (0)117 9715228

A cartoning machine that brings packaging robotics to users with lower production requirements will make top billing at the Bradman Lake stand. The LJ collator/loader features the latest in motion control technology with servo drives, smart belt collation from random infeeds and robotic pick and place loading.

Designed for companies that do not need the 700 unit/min capability of the high speed LJ series, it is suited to handling output from medium speed flowrappers in either vacuum or mechanical product loading into cartons or trays. At the show it will be linked to an XS2/60 carton erector and Compact 3 lugless carton closer running at 120 cartons/min.


Stand 11510

T +44 (0)1908 629 200


What is claimed to be the ‘lowest cost X-ray system’ can be seen on the Cintex stand. The Sentry XR combines enhanced X-ray functionality with a price that is more in line with metal detection, according to Cintex. Also on show will be the Sentry metal detector that is designed to offer greater sensitivity in contaminant detection.

In the high capability range, Insight Compact XP has been upgraded to incorporate a Windows XP based software programme that offers further detection and inspection capabilities.


Stand 10320

T +44 (0) 1206 756741


Codeway will be offering a faster way to print individual labels and apply them to items on conveyors moving as quickly as 24m/min, and the information printed on each. Typical applications are mixed products, serial numbering and addressing.

These Codeway systems use Avery ALX 920 labellers. No applicator heads are needed for flat-sided products.

It is possible to take the machine out of the box and start labelling. There are three models: ALX 924 [4in] and ALX 925 [5in] for products and cartons, and ALX 926 [6in] for larger labels and pallets. As a bonus all models save thermal transfer ribbon by skip-ping over pre-printed areas of the labels.

Convenience Food Systems

Stand 12351

T +44 (0)1908 513500


The TwinStar tray sealer from Convenience Food Systems is set to shine brightly at PPMA as its performance and flexibility are put under the spotlight. All common packaging systems, with or without MAP, can be run on the TwinStar, along with all types of films and foils.

The machine’s flexibility is down to its large, long sealing area and lifting power. TwinStar can seal trays up to 900x380x160 as standard, with a 200mm option. It is prepared for twin-lane operation, featuring an integrated lane converger that provides smooth connection downstream. Production rates of 15 cycles/min can be achieved with MAP and up to 18 cycles/min without MAP. A further advantage to TwinStar is its compact 860mm wide foot-print.

Conveyor Systems

Stand 11200

T +44 (0)1283 552255


CSL will showcase its developments in materials handling solutions. These include a new range of heavy duty pallet handling conveyors suitable for food quality applications in cold store rooms.

A range of powered roller conveyors for handling items such as cases and shrink-wrapped packs will demonstrate a new high speed pneumatically operated switch sorter. The system enables handling of products as small as 200mm square at speeds of 30 items/min, with bi-directional 45 degree sortation. Also on show will be CSL’s spiral conveyors.

Crusader Europe

Stand 319

T +44 (0) 1274 220220


The star of Crusader’s show will be the Eurokett label application system, which is known for its ability to deal with almost any problem. Cadbury Schweppes is singing its praises after using two of them to label their new ’24-7′ range of mint chewing gum in their egg-shaped packs.

“Working closely with Cadbury-Schweppes, we adapted top-mounted systems and designed special conveyors for them so they could handle a product which was curved over its whole surface,” said managing director Malcolm Little.

Live demonstrations of bespoke labelling, checkweighing and product handling will also form part of the display.

Other equipment destined for the NEC extends from simple, entry-level machines capable of ‘flash’ labelling for special offers, through multi-head labelling systems, complete with specifically designed product handling systems, to turnkey end-of-line solutions.


Stand 11340

T +44 (0) 1954 782551


Domino will offer stand alone coders, secondary packaging equipment and sophisticated applications that feature connectivity, networking and visioning systems.

The Domino C-Series range of outer case coding systems for secondary packaging will be demonstrating high-resolution bar coding and graphics printing onto porous outer cases

Domino will also be showing both the A-Series of ink jet printers and the S-Series laser that is said to provide the benefits of laser coding with simplicity and quality.

Engelmann & Buckham

Stand 10241

T +44 (0)1420 82421


Engelmann & Buckham’s Principals, Breitner, will show an IDL 2065 linear six-head inductive flow meter bottle filler in operation with 500ml PET bottles.

The key advantages of the bottle filler are said to be its flexibility in being able to fill bottles from 10ml to 25-litre containers.

A magnetic induction flow meter provides filling accuracy to completely minimise product wastage.

The machine can fill hot or cold products.


Stand 12141

T +44 (0)1252 775000


   Focus of attention will be centred squarely on the firm’s machine optimisation service, which uses a combination of software and support tools to deliver increased productivity and lower energy usage.

A new air preparation range, developed specifically for the needs of OEM machine builders, will also be highlighted. The MS air-preparation range includes solutions designed to meet ISO requirements for compressed air in the food processing industry. The range allows rapid configuration and ordering of customised solutions, delivered fully assembled and tested as a single part. This is a dramatic cost and labour saving improvement on the conventional scenario of receiving boxes of parts that demand time, component knowledge and experience to assemble the required solution.

Fortress Technology (Europe)

Stand Number 12200

T 01295 256266


The spotlight will fall on the new Phantom E-Type metal detection system, which has been developed specifically for the European market. Unique styling and design means that the additional controls, including power supply and interface connections, are located within the unit, so avoiding the need for additional control boxes and cabling.

Suited to the OEM market, the detector may be configured with a rear or front mounted display panel. In order to accommodate the changing range of products and packaging, all E-Type models are supplied with the ability to handle standard and metallised film packaging.

Avoiding complicated menus and technical jargon the Fortress systems can be set up and running quickly.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Stand 12034

T +44 (0)1398 331114


Fraser Anti-Static Techniques will be giving visitors the first public glimpse of its new static eliminator the Ionstorm 3700. The Ionstorm 3700 Controller and 3800 bar are aimed at the processing and packaging industries where long range performance is required. Typical applications are on film winders and unwinders on packing lines, thermoforming, labelling and clean room environments.

With Ionstorm, static can be neutralised from a distance of 250mm to over 1m from the object.

GAME Engineering

Stand 12556

T +44 (0) 1522 868021


GAME Engineering has become an official partner for Hyundai robotic systems in the UK. One Hyundai system will form the focal point on this stand.

The robots are capable of handling various layouts [from single pallet systems to random buffer stock systems with multiple product, multiple pallet with moving robot systems].

Major features of Hyundai robots include user-friendly operation, compact design, dynamic motion control, short cycle time through high performance control, diverse application with various software functions and easy teaching and programming.

GEI Europack

Stand 12231

T +44 (0)1502 716540


Film wrapping and board packing will be showcased by end of line manufacturer GEI Euro-pack. Visitors can view the Pakrobat Q12 machine which has been developed to handle irregular sized items such as books and DVDs.

Designed to handle a variety of pack sizes at random, without the need for adjustment, the Q12 operates at speeds up to 600 cycles/hour.


Stand 11441

T +44 (0) 115 9777215


Spotlighted will be the Concetti Group’s IGF 600 automatic bagging machine which gives throughputs of up to 1200 open-mouth flat or gusseted bags/hr, with or without flat bottom, with or without handle.

The range can work with bags for weights of up to 50kg.

The range features a universal discharge mouth. This outlet is designed to provide a good seal between the bag-holder and the bag, in accordance with the different bag types and sizes and the characteristics of the product – powdery, fluidised, granular or free flowing.

The IGF can be coupled with net weighers using gravity, screw or belt-feed systems, depending on the product to be bagged.

Harland Machine Systems

Stand 12545

T +44 (0)161 848 4800


Harland Machine Systems will be unveiling an advanced control system for its popular Sirius front and back labeller. The benefits of the new system are said to be increased labelling accuracy, operator interface and usability. Orders for the applicator gateway programme placed at the show will enjoy a 10% discount. Also on display will be Harland’s Comet and Proteus labelling systems.

Industrial Labelling Systems

Stand 12071

T (0) 1706 523 431


The new T-90 printer for up to A3 labels will be in the limelight. It offers thermal transfer or direct thermal, 100mm/sec print speed, windows based true type fonts and backing paper rewind as standard.

This compact model also has label back feed, is available in both right and left hand versions, offers easy side loading for labels and ribbons, and easy system integration.

Ishida Europe

Stand 12340

T +44 (0)121 607 7700


In the limelight will be a new fresh food weigher, which allows processors of ‘sticky’ products to automate their weighing process for the first time.

The new FF range increases weighing accuracy, speed and consistency while reducing product giveaway and waste. With operating speeds of up to 70 weighments/min, Ishida’s fresh food weighers can achieve a product giveaway of only 0.5g or less than 1% of the target weight.

Ishida’s tray packing lines have also been designed to accommodate sticky fresh foods. Additional features, such as a webcam and mobile gantry, have been incorporated to maximise ease of operation and control.

Also highlighted will be the WPL 5000, which permits fast and accurate label application, even on irregular surfaces or awkwardly shaped products. Its cassette system allows label changes to be carried out in seconds. Both top- and under-labelling are possible.

Industrial Technology Systems

Stand 10016

T +44 (0)1642 222232


Industrial control solution provider ITS will promote a range of traceability solutions, line optimisation and machine vision systems, validation services and regulatory compliance training courses.

Demonstrations of these systems will be given to show visitors the benefits to production standards.

Line Equipment

Stand 11201

T +44 (0) 1773 717007


New to the LE360 vffs machine is a touch-screen control panel. The latest Siemens PLC technology now gives easier access to manage all functions of the machine and associated weighing and ancillary equipment from one pad.

Also featured with the unit is the Reseal 360X zipper applicator – one of two systems developed to apply Supreme Plastics’ narrow, resealable closure across the web.

The system gives reliability of application, reduced material costs and enhanced sealing, compared with integrating standard zippers on regular in-line equipment. A second applicator, the 460X, works with flow-wrappers.

Linx Printing Technologies

Stand 11316

T +44 (0)1480 302100


Linx Printing Technologies will be revealing its ability to print outside the box as it takes the opportunity to show off its first stake in the outer case coding market – the IJ600. The new printer is said to address a gap in the market for high performance at low cost ownership.

It will be shown alongside the Linx 6800 Spectrum, which will be featuring its new Ultima Plus print head. A range of products from the Xymark family of laser printers will also make an appearance.

Lock Inspection Systems

Stand 12214

T +44 (0)161 624 0333


Lock Inspection Systems is showing its Compact Vertical Fall metal detector for the first time on its stand. The slimline addition to the MET 30+ range is 25% smaller than previous systems. Measuring 5in top to bottom, the Compact Waferthin is designed to address the space constraints encountered in the snack food and confectionery industries.

It can be slotted into high speed integrated packaging systems that incorporate multihead weighers feeding vertical form-fill and seal bag makers. It will be joined by the MET 30+ 3f triple frequency detector.

Loma Systems

Stand 12335

T +44 44 (0)1252 893300


New developments to its IQ2 range of metal detectors enable Loma to meet customised options and bespoke application needs.

The main developments include a new harsh head metal detector designed for meat, poultry and fish applications; dual frequency metal detectors with 49 available frequencies in the range of 31.25KHz to 425.0KHz; and the company’s performance validation system to automate the testing procedure.

Loma Scientific, a division of Loma Systems, will exhibit its new Celsius system that is set to revolutionise the temperature testing of fresh foods. The patented device is designed to sense the temperature of chilled food packs through microwave thermometry.

It is said to surpass other temperature sensing methods by achieving ±0.2C and measures the average equilibrium temperature of the product rather than the surface or centre without disturbing the pack.

MAP80 Systems

Stand 10010

T +44 (0)118 973 1800


A new version of PRISYM labelling software that will allow companies to completely automate their labelling function and maximise the efficiency and accuracy of their product identification and tracking systems will steal the limelight.

The latest version of PRISYM, which is the core of the new PRISYMTEXTILE labelling software to be launched later this year, will be able to drive SATO and Zebra RFID printers and Domino inkjet printers. This gives companies a huge range of options for label printing from a single platform.

The new version of PRISYM is aimed at companies that want a labelling solution with a high level of functionality but is user friendly and compatible with the latest data capture devices, print and apply systems and RFID label printers.

PRISYM is said to be ideal for companies who also need the ability to link seamlessly with other systems such as ERP, SCADA, vision and supply chain management.

Mettler Toledo

Stand 12152

T +44 (0)116 235 7070


Mettler Toledo will be exhibiting a range of checkweighers, metal detection equipment and statistical quality control equipment including the new SQC16 system.

The Garvens S-Series range of checkweighers takes centre stage with a selection of models.

New products from the company include the AccessCard for control and security; the LoginServer data protection tool and the PrintCard system for data transfer and ReAcT for easy data access. Q.i – a recently launched material transfer control solution – will also be on show.

M.J Maillis

Stand 11511

T +44 (0)1773 539000


M.J Maillis, through its United Packaging division, will be launching a family of three semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

The philosophy behind the new stretch wrappers was to introduce a range that offers inventive features, uses common parts and provides good value, said Maillis sales and marketing director Paul Evens.

Each model features a tilting tower mechanism for easy delivery, erection and assembly. The use of similar components provides cost savings.

Partners in Packaging

Stand 11111

T +44 (0) 1706 369000


A robotic concept from Vepatec will be demonstrated by Partners in Packaging.

Vepatec’s Multigrabber, which utilises servo drives, is capable of up to 50 pick and place cycles/min. The robot’s construction features a variety of product pick up devices and a ‘self-teach’ automatic memory that allows the head to be synchronised automatically to the co-ordinates of the product.

The Multigrabber will be shown feeding cartons to Vepatec’s KA 190HS servo-driven carton erector for die cut trays and cartons. The system utilises a new cantilevered style tuck and glue combination closing machine.

Key features of the system include cantilevered hygienic design for cleaning and maintenance, together with simple and easy repeatable operator size changing.

The XT1200 high-speed collating and feeding system, developed by Streamfeeder, will also be shown. The machine is capable of speeds up to 1200 cards/min. It uses differential friction technology for fast feeding and batch counting of products up to 25mm thick.

PFM Packaging Machinery

Stand 12226

T +44 (0) 113 2393401


Following the acquisition of MBP, PFM can now supply both weigher and vertical bagging machine.

Multihead weighers range from eight-head models up to 24-head machines that can be divided in to four segments for mixing different products precisely by weight.

Representing vffs will be a Vetta with an integral zipper option. From the firm’s flow wrapping machinery, a Falcon servo machine will be aimed specifically at the bakery industry and will include the latest design of adjustable folding box.

A Tornado LD will be aimed at the specialised MAP market where machinery needs to be able to maintain high speeds and guarantee gas flushing and 100% hermetic seals.

Planet Flowline

Stand 11210

T +44 (0)1778 341166


Packaging machinery engineer Planet Flowline will reveal its four major processing and packaging product offerings from manufacturers around Europe.

From Sima of Italy comes a high-speed six-head can seamer that is capable of running at 700 containers/min.

Niko of Germany will demonstrate its wide mouth jar cleaning system. The unit can handle a range of container sizes at speeds up to 250cpm and features its own vacuum air circulation system.

Visitors will see a tray sealing system from Technovac of Italy that is destined for installation at a major UK food processor.

Making its UK debut will be a form fill seal bagging machine from ALS of Germany. It is primarily designed for handling small parts and incorporates a flexible infeed and handling system

Propack Automation Machinery

Stand 10120

T +44 (0)24 7647 0074


Propack Automation, distributor for Bergami Srl, will be introducing the Italian company to the UK audience. On show will be the Bergami Overwrapping machine Model CX5, used by leading perfumery and cosmetics companies. By its side will be the AS70 horizontal cartoner designed to handle cartons for the tobacco, food and stationery industries.

Quin Systems

Stand 11132

T (0) 118 977 1077


Centre of attention will be on Quin’s new space-saving, high-speed product handling system, R-Theta. This will show high speed pick and place at low cost.

Major changes to production lines are minimised due to its small footprint. Set-up for different products is also simple as the motion can be defined graphically with a touch screen display.

Also demonstrated will be innovative LinMot linear servo-motors, which will be running pick and place applications. Now available with Profibus and Devicenet interfaces, these motors are intrinsically free from mechanical play, gearing or belt wear and offer acceleration to 250m/s2, stroke range to 1460mm, peak force to 200N and repeatability to 0.01mm.

Visitors can also pick up free of charge a new software package CD for sizing linear motors. Linmot Designer allows machine builders to optimise their application, freeing them from extensive manual calculations and allowing different design options to be explored in depth. The latest software release includes estimates of motor power dissipation for the first time.

Reiser UK

Stand 10231

T +44 01908 585300


Taking stand prominence will be the Ross Inpack Model S60 pre-formed tray sealing machine, which is capable of operating at speeds of up to 75 packs/min depending on the tray size and packaging requirement.

Also to be exhibited will be the Supervac GK202 automatic vaccum packaging machine. The GK202 has high-pressure, bi-active sealing to ensure that reliable seals are achieved every time.

The latest Vemag 500, which is designed for use in almost any food application including depositing, filling, dividing, sheeting, forming extruding and portioning, will be highlighted. Not only is it a multi purpose machine, it is also space-saving, allowing one Vemag to take the place of several other items of equipment.

Riley Automation

Stand 11515

T +44 (0) 1332 275850


The first in a new range of cylindrical, totally enclosed vibratory bowl feeders will be showcased. The versatile machine has stainless steel covers as standard and an optimised 20-deg drive angle.

It accepts stepped/cascade or externally tooled units and is available in sizes ranging from 300-700mm. It is fitted with a soft start control as standard and is visually acceptable in food, capping and pharmaceutical applications.

Visitors will also be able check out two new additions to the company’s popular range of linear velocity feeders. Models HP1 and HP2 offer linear trough weights ranging from 4-12lb.

Sandiacre Rose Forgrove

Stand 10316

T +44 (0)115 967 8787


Visitors to the Sandiacre Rose Forgrove stand will be able to see the first demonstration of Südpack UK’s Ecovent pressure pack cooking system.

The servo controlled Integra PC Flowpak flowrapper uses a combination of susceptor card, self-venting microwaveable film and controlled atmosphere to pack snack products.

The TG250-LD coffee packag-ing system comprising a custom built vertical bag maker, WEBB auger and Sandiacre’s pick and place valve applicator and feeder will also be debuted. More vertical form fill and seal machinery will make up the collection.

Gerhard Schubert

Stand 10221

T +49 (0)79 51 4 000


German manufacturer Gerhard Schubert will be presenting its new line of TLM packaging machines, designed to pack individual products. Visitors are being promised a glimpse of “outstanding flexibility” as the machines demonstrate their tablet blister packing abilities with a state-of-the-art computer-control system.

Schur Flexible Europe

Stand 12261

T +45 76 27 29 00


Highlighted will be the SchurStar bagging system that operates with pre-made bags and is available in two versions, one a stainless steel machine and the other a compact unit. Both machines are compatible with all types of filling and dosing systems, gas flush equipment and marking equipment.

Bags are available in a variety of films and laminates while features can include bottom gusset, stand-up bottom, Euro-slot, peelable seals and recloseable solutions.

Sessions of York

Stand 12245

T +44 (0)1904 659224


Making the headlines at the Sessions of York stand will be its compact hot foil printer. It is designed to fit most labelling systems and features an electronic foil feed. The Catprint operates at 300 prints/min and can be programmed directly from Sessions’ Spectrum or Sequence labellers or via a handheld terminal.

The Sequence front and back labeller will also be on display, along with the RC30 applicator, the Basic wrap-around applicator, the new AP3.4,5.4 and 64.04 thermal transfer printers and the Case-Corner Print & Apply labeller.

Sollas UK

Stand 11321

T +44 (0) 1256 896 930


Four existing machines will be exhibited and demonstrated. The 20 is available in right-angle or offset in-line executions.

The M60 is a small footprint, modern machine featuring PLC operation, touchscreen controls and independent product transfer in the outfeed section of the machine as standard.

The 19 features PLC control, touchscreen operation and vacuum film feeding belts. Last, but not least, the Bandum 50 is a banding machine which operates with thin PP band material offering considerable yield savings. The Bandum can also operate with kraft paper band.

Stickpack Europe

Stand 12041

T +44 (0) 1420 22733


A high-speed version of the company’s five-lane stick-packing machine for sauces and liquid food products will steal the limelight.

The machine, which has been uprated to run at 500 sticks/min, can also be equipped with a rotary doser to handle free-flowing powders or an augur system designed by G Webb Automation to handle powders which provide poor flow characteristics.

Size range is 10-60mm wide and from 50mm long upwards, allowing both single-serve consumer sticks and catering-size ingredient packs to be produced. Changeover can be achieved in under 10 minutes.

S+S Inspection

Stand 12535

T +44 (0)1489 885992


S+S Inspection, a subsidiary of German S+S Metallsuch-geräte und Recyclingtechnik, will be showcasing its range of conveyor-based metal detection systems for low weight applications Consense -D.

By its side will be the Rapid 6000 Freefall, designed for products which can stick in the system.

New to the UK market is Liquiscan that is built to handle high pressure applications or process applications such as with meat, pastes and other pumped products.

Supreme Plastics

Stand 10224

T +44 (0) 20 8349 3434


Fresh cut herbs, salads and DIY components are just some of the latest applications for Joker packaging machinery which enables medium-volume producers to create resealable or conventional pouches in PP or PE.

The range extends from compact models, primarily suited to manual loading of lightweight products, to more robust units for semi- or fully automated in-line operations with high output.

The 425U is the largest machine, featuring longer sealing and cooling units that enable faster packing and greater capacity. Also available is a conveyor belt for heavy products, product compression, top gussetting and thermal transfer printing.

Thermo Electron Corporation

Stand 12444

T +44 (0)870 609 0203


A number of new product offerings take pride of place on the Thermo Electron Corporation stand. Visitors will be offered the first viewing of the Ramsey AC9 GP ultra hygienic checkweigher.

It will be demonstrated as part of a new generation, combined AC9 GP checkweigher and metal detector system. The company’s established Allen marking and coding system will also be present, sporting a new laser-coding unit.