Narrow web getting wider

Talk to the Avery team

Taking the theme “Fasson: Ideas that work for you”, the Avery Dennison Roll Materials team invites visitors to take a seat and enjoy a ‘no obligation’ discussion of their labelling needs – now and in the future. The aim is “to identify a solution that offers the Fasson combination of innovation, optimal product price/performance ratio, and service, for converter and end user alike”.

With Jackstädt now part of the company, Avery Dennison claims to offer the world’s most extensive platform of labelstock products and services. It combines the best of the Fasson and Jac ranges as well as the new Fasson Rapid-Roll portfolio of non adhesive materials. Stand 5A40.

Avery Dennison Tel: +31 71 579 4100

Putting materials to the test

New from Chemsultants is an expanded range of instruments to test self adhesive materials properties. The 1000 Series comprises the TT-1000 tensile tester, HSR-1000 high speed release tester, BP-1000 burst – perforation tester and the PMA-1000 probe material analyzer.

The PMA-1000 is designed to characterize a wide variety of adhesives, coatings, polymers, and film and paper type materials through a three-step test procedure. It can measure tack, adhesive properties, hardness, elongation, stiffness and compression properties.

All the instruments are compatible with the company’s EZ LAB proprietary software management program, that can be used with either a PC or laptop computer. It allows the user to specify and control testing parameters, manage, analyze and graph test data and results, and store or export the data for future use. Stand 11P55.

Chemsultants Tel: +1 440 352 0218

AB is all about converting

The Burton Group of Companies, now under the corporate identity of AB Graphic International, will feature the latest developments in its range of Omega and Vectra converting, slitting and rewinding systems. It will also feature Omega Digicon converting solutions for digitally printed webs on HP Indigo’s stand, 5D30.

On show will be an Omega converting system running in-line with a Vectra turret rewinder with automatic core loader, and an Omega unwind running in-line with a Vectra slitting unit and LCTR ‘entry level’ rewinder. The Omega 330 converting line will be shown with a new die cutting system utilizing flat bed die tooling on a rotary web. From its inspection, slitting and rewinding range, the company will feature its SR410 with rotary die cutting and SR330 with automatic vision control.

Of the Omega Digicon, sales manager Tony Bell states: “Many converting solutions for digitally printed webs are possible that permit on or off-line converting for a range of almost unlimited applications. Servo driven web tension control permits a wide range of substrates to be converted, from self adhesive labels to folding cartons and in-mould labels.”

The Digicon is available with hot foil stamping, varnishing, die cutting and slitting and rewinding. Stand 6F70.

AB Graphic Tel: +44 (0)1262 671138

Innovations in inspection

On AVT’s stand, two automatic inspection systems will make their European debut.

The PrintVision/Helios has enhanced features for label printers. It can be mounted either on-press for inspection during run-time, or on a rewinder for post print quality assurance. The system inspects labels of any size, on any labelstock, including paper, reflective materials, transparent films, foils, and flexible materials. When used on a rewinder, when a fault is detected, it will stop the rewinder then move the defective label to the operator’s location.

A powerful zoom feature enables close study of the fault, and on-line job/roll reports, with images of all faults, are generated, providing a record with defect analysis. These reports can be used as a Guarantee of Quality tool for customers. A digital defect buffer enables analysis of previous defects.

These features are said to suit the system for quality critical jobs such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and drink labels.

The PrintVision/Jupiter Compact is designed to fit the limited space on label presses without reducing functionality. Quicker set-up and easier operation are made possible through an improved ergonomic design and intuitive workflow.

The system incorporates a new software module with advanced automatic inspection capabilities for process control. It alerts press operators to print defects and displays the fault on the monitor. Remedial action can be taken to minimize waste. Fault tolerances can be set independently, enabling close control over print quality.

New features include a job map tool that shows the whole repeat on-screen for faster set-up, camera movement and image orientation. In addition, quality thresholds are displayed in one window with a ‘save as default’ feature for accelerated set-up.

Also on the stand will be ProoFit, a file to press verification tool that can compare digital files to printed products and detect errors. Stand 6H100.

AVT Tel: +972 9 761 4477

‘World’s fastest’ PLC in the driving seat

Baumüller will present the b maXX-drivePLC for use in sheet-fed offset and label printing – claimed to be the fastest in-drive PLC in the world. According to the company, it takes only 100ms for 1,000 lines of STL.

The b maXX-drivePLC provides the drive with intelligence, so the system can also perform complex motion control tasks. Offering access to the bus systems of automation, it supports the fieldbus CANopen, PROFIBUS DP and Sercos. An Ethernet interface with 10/100Mbit/s enables the drive system to be integrated in LAN and WAN structures, and allows visualization through OPC-Server without any additional expenditure in programming. Stand 5A50.

Baumüller Tel: +31 7936 14290

Careful curing

New from GEW (EC) will be the VCP-FILM UV curing system for heat sensitive and unsupported packaging films. With its own dedicated chill roll within the lamp design, the VCP-FILM is said to enable label printers to process a wide range of substrates on presses not equipped with chill rolls. Films down to 15 micron can be processed.

A small refrigerator provides water cooling, and typical temperature increase is reported to average 2-4degC per lamp. The curing head includes a slide-out cassette module to allow easy access to lamp, shutter and reflector for ease of maintenance. The VCP-FILM is available in power ratings up to 160W/cm and for print widths to 45cm.

The company will also launch the NUVAplus UV system for curing heavy lay-downs of both traditional and cationic inks and coatings on the most thermo-sensitive substrates at high press speeds. It is offered in power ratings up to 230W/cm for print widths to150cm.

Also featured will be the latest version of the VCP ‘cold UV’curing system, available in power ratings up to 160W/cm, to suit print widths up to 45cm.

GEW Tel: +44 (0)1737 824500

Cartons mastered

Arpeco Engineering is to introduce the Injector processing system for web based printing and converting of folding cartons. Using flexible steel tooling, it processes the printed board in-line without the use of repeat-specific magnetic cylinders and combines the benefits of flatbed and rotary die cutting. It can also be used as a conventional repeat specific rotary cutter, creasing and embossing unit. By changing the operating mode and installing repeat specific magnetic bases or dedicated tooling, the Injector system looks and acts like a rotary die cutter.

This offers carton converters a single solution for both short and long run production. By linking up the Injector system with Arpeco’s folding carton dedicated press, an efficient and profitably complete folding carton process plant is available. Stand 7N140/7N130.

Arpeco Engineering Tel: +44 (0)1925 754172

Films for digital print

The DUN-Digital range of digitally printable films will be displayed by Dunmore. Designed for use on Indigo and Xeikon roll-fed presses, These films are RIT certified, and said to offer a one-year shelf life and high quality print performance. The company is also planning to feature its DUN-Guard tamper evident security films at the show. Stand 5648.

Dunmore Tel: +1 215 781 8895

Progress on plate making

Dantex Graphics will debut its new equipment for production of Toreflex water washable flexo plates. The range consists of two vertical shelf cabinet plate makers, the Dantex 500S and the Aqua-Flex 700ES, and an electronic in-line processor, the Aqua-Flex 480 E/EF or 900 E/EF. Dantex has also developed an in-line filtration system that can be attached to any of the equipment.

The new generation of Toreflex plates can be made press ready, including exposure, within about 30min for an A2 size.

The 500S incorporates a microprocessor control system that monitors all working functions and allows for nine programs to be stored in the memory. Wash-out is achieved by strong spring mounted brushes giving constant pressure for plates of between 1.0-2.84mm in thickness. It has a computer controlled, auto reversing plate holder, improved light orientation in the exposure drawer and a two-drawer pulsed hot air dryer.

The AQF-700ES platemaker is a stand-alone unit for semi automatic processing and water washing. For use with plates up to 550 x 700mm in size, it has quick-start UV tubes, a re-circulating wash system, a simple VDU operator interface and pulse hot air drying. The entire plate making process can now take as little as 32min, says Dantex. The AQF/EF series photopolymer plate processor combines a re-circulatory water wash system with automatic in-line processing, for maximum plate widths of 480mm or 900mm. Stand 5D20.

Dantex Graphics Tel: +44 (0)1274 777777

Hot stuff is speciality

Specialist manufacturer of thermal and inkjet papers Kanzan’s thermal technology can be used in applications for self adhesive labels, tickets and tags. The company offers extensive technical knowledge to develop customer-specific solutions.

Products on show include highly opaque material (used to hide tag details that are no longer valid), coloured thermal papers, and a super heavy weight grade up to 270 micron thick, with the option to add a magnetic stripe on the reverse side. Stand 6H110.

Kanzan Tel: +49 (0) 2421/5924 812

Release from problems

Syl-Off thermal solventless release coatings for films are to be launched by Dow Corning. Syl-Off 9100 Series is a family of thermal solventless silicone release coatings with two new polymers said to overcome problems associated with filmic applications. Unlike traditional thermal solventless coatings, one polymer offers “outstanding anchorage” to unprimed polyester while the other is designed for temperature sensitive substrates, such as PE and OPP.

A release modifier is stated to give the system outstanding flexibility and make it possible to achieve very high differentials. “This robust system delivers good release stability, even when modified,” according to the company. “It works well on many different types and grades of film and, therefore, offers a very cost effective alternative to UV cure coatings.” Stand 5A90.

Dow Corning Tel: +32 64 888 370

Dies on display

Exhibits from RotoMetrics will include CNC and EDM dies, flexible dies, and magnetic cylinders, as well as print cylinders, speciality dies, sheeters, and pressure gauging systems.

New products to be featured are rotary hot stamping and embossing tools, manufactured by UEI/FineCut and exclusively distributed by RotoMetrics. The UniFlex is a patented flexible copper die with a novel steel backing that is securely positioned onto a heated magnetic cylinder. Stand 7L40.

RotoMetrics Tel: +1 636 587 3600

More from Mark Andy

Mark Andy Comco, will premier its expanded range of narrow web flexo presses for the label, carton and flexible packaging markets. Four machines, targeting different sectors, will be demonstrated.

Converters looking to produce finished packaging in one pass on materials from 25 micron unsupported film to 600 micron cartonboard are offered the Comco ProGlide MSP. Capable of 230m/min with infinite register adjustment, it uses Comco’s shuttle deck system for fast make-ready of the print units between jobs, without breaking the web. Mark Andy will feature several different ‘live’ jobs on this one machine to showcase its capability for a broad range of applications and substrates – from high shrink PVC films to luxury labels, to roll-fed to laminated cut-n-stack.

The DT2200 digital printing and converting system features the DT Series inkjet printing module, developed exclusively with dotrix. This is integrated directly into a 13in Mark Andy 2200 flexo press incorporating standard in-line, single pass flexo printing and converting operations. The four colour system is said to be capable of printing high end graphics with 100 per cent variable information and 100 per cent coverage at 80 ft/min.

The technology that combines full width 300dpi resolution with eight levels of greyscale and UV curable ink is claimed to be an industry first. The DT laser finishing module, developed with LasX Industries, is said to make it possible to produce short run labels efficiently and quickly. Both systems are virtually maintenance-free, the company states.

Also to be introduced is the Mark Andy LP3000 label press – offering higher speeds, at 230m/min, and increased productivity. The Scout entry level tag/label flexo press will be on the Paragon Inks stand, 11R105, demonstrating the latest UV ink developments. Stand 5C10.

Mark Andy Tel: +1 636 532 4433

UV unveiled

Manufacturer of UV curing lamps Primarc plans to display its extended series of spectrally enhanced metal halide lamps to cure UV curable coatings and inks in label printing. Visitors will also see the company’s range of medium pressure mercury arc lamps for label curing applications, together with new multilingual product information available as website, literature and CD.

The lamps are suitable for all label printing systems, including Comco, Gallus, GEW, Ko-pack, Mark Andy, Nilpeter and Sanjo. Stand 5E90.

Primarc Tel: +44 (0)1753 58001

Flexo forces go into Combat

The E-Combat shaftless press will be launched by Gidue, together with a delivery system for in-mould labels. The new press features servo driven controls for all functions and is available in web widths of 280, 370, 430, and 530mm. Electronic drives enable the user to print and convert substrates ranging from 15 micron film to 350g/m2 cartonboard without changing the mechanical configuration of the press. The tension control system automatically adjusts press controls to the substrates processed, eliminating operating errors and waste.

The new IML-EDL delivery system for the E-Combat permits one-pass printing and converting of in-mould labels. The system is equipped with a batch counting and final long ‘buffer’ delivery table where the stacked piles of labels printed face-up can be easily collected. Optional top and bottom carton insertion can be added to the existing press configuration.

Gidue and Stork have agreed a partnership to develop the Ready-RSI rotary screen head concept for existing and future models of the Combat press series. The new RSI head will be integrated within Gidue’s Ready multi process trolley, allowing it to be moved to any print unit location on any of the presses. A rotary hot foil stamping module is also available. Both modules can be retrofitted to all existing Combat presses.

The company will also unveil its Unipro press, a new Flower printing head, and a die cutting cassette for production of folding cartons. Stand 6H80/6H90.

Gidue Tel: +39 0296 68181

Small treatment system suits narrow webs

Vetaphone’s Label Concept is a new, very compact corona treater series and a generator designed for narrow web converters. The treater is equipped with a new ceramic electrode system with more efficient ceramic bars said to offer longer life and fewer problems with moisture. The ‘Double-Function-Treater’ design is said to allow narrow web converters to run faster than 250m/min with any substrate, conductive or non conductive. The size of both the treater and the generator has been kept to a minimum, allowing the complete system to be mounted directly in-line on narrow web presses. A further update of the treaters is the use of oxidized idle rollers with a stainless steel backing roller.

The new generator automatically adapts to the various loads, so that the feedback circuit automatically maintains output power. Stand 6F55.

Vetaphone Tel: +45 7552 6133

Jet propels productivity

Innovations from Jet Europe/Interflex are to include high productivity batch processing systems for both flexo and letterpress plates, as well as a wash-out system.

The Jet Flex 660 is a compact, high productivity batch type processor for all solvent washout flexo photopolymer plates up to 660 x 810mm, and down to 0.6mm thickness. Key features include a space saving plate feeding and retrieval system and a seven-head, cassette mounted rotary brushing system for simultaneous drying of the total plate surface.

The Jet Line 780 is a compact letterpress plate processor that achieves production times of just five minutes. With features such as a flat wash-out section and dryer with high speed air circulation, it integrates all plate processing steps required after exposure into an in-line format. The unit accommodates plates up to 780 x 1,100mm.

Also to be introduced at the show, the Jet Clean 800 is a fast, automatic plate cleaning system, which completes the washing cycle of a 1m plate in 5-10min. Cleaned plates are then dried in line. A ‘sticky system’ holds plates firmly in place, and a closed circulation system ensures re-use of the water based detergent. As a result, the 125 litre of cleaning fluid it holds can be used for up to 1,000m2 of plate surface. Stand 11P70.

Jet Europe / Interflex Tel: +31 (0)36 537 2828

Wide range of solutions from Valmet

Valmet Converting will present a range of labelstock solutions. Atlas slitters can now rewind filmic/synthetic material as low as 60 micron at over 600m/min. Titan’s versatile SR7 cantilever slitter features rapid job change-overs for shorter production runs. Rotomec offers hot melt coating technology for labelstock, as well as flexo printing. General has developed the Holosec compact vacuum web coater for specialist producers. Valmet also provides a wide range of sheeting solutions. Stand 7K80.

Valmet Converting Tel: +44 (0)1234 852553

Ko-Pack’s special

The Euroflex, Ko-Pack’s latest flexo press, will be shown producing a special promotional wraparound label for PET bottles. Fitted with twin chilled central impression drums and a chiller system, the press can be configured for printing up to six colours on either side of a single web or on two separate webs. Up to 12 colours can be printed on flexible packaging films, labels or cartons and a range of converting options is also available.

The Euroflex can also be specified for non stop production and is designed for use with UV flexo, solvent based or water based inks. Stand 12V50.

Ko-Pack Tel: +44 (0) 1733 235533

Combinations for printing

Spanish manufacturer Rotatek will present its label and flexible packaging printing solutions – including combined offset-flexo label printing presses and a new label slitter rewinder with a die cutting unit for blank label production. The machines’ modular conception is said to make them easy to adjust to individual needs, and suitable to print and convert on a wide variety of materials.

Rotatek will also be exhibiting a Combi-press which can integrate different printing systems such as offset, flexo, silkscreen, hot stamping – and the latest technology of cold stamping, where the glue can be applied either with a flexo or an offset printing unit. In addition, the modular construction of the hybrid press makes it possible to include a variety of processing and finishing units, all in-line. Stand 7N110.

Rotatek Tel: +34 936 745 250

Ink innovations

First time exhibitor Pulse Roll Label Products will feature its latest water based and UV flexo, letterpress, screen and offset inks for narrow web printing of labels, flexible packaging, business forms and cartons.

New products include RoughTEX, a textured effect UV varnish available in letterpress, flexo and screen formulations, and SilverFOIL a ‘foil effect’, high brilliance ink for solvent, water based and UV processes. Also new will be SofTOUCH, a UV varnish that replicates a ‘soft to the touch’ feel, CureFRESH low odour varnish for sensitive applications, and TurboLAM UV laminating adhesive. Speciality inks, varnishes and adhesives will also feature. Stand 11Q75.

Pulse Roll Label Products Tel: +44 (0)117 9719797

Controlling power

Tantec’s latest high frequency generators with ‘Power Density Control’ are said to ensure precise and uniform corona treatment levels, regardless of line speed changes. Also new are high efficiency static neutralizing systems.

Tantec corona treatment systems can be fitted on new narrow web presses or retrofitted to existing print lines. The bare stainless steel roller system combined with ceramic electrode elements is said to enable treatment of virtually any material at maximum efficiency, while the Easy-Fit cartridge allows cleaning and maintenance in “a matter of minutes”. Stand 7M110.

Tantec Tel: +45 75585822

Conference choices

Alongside the show, Labelexpo Europe 2003 offers a three-day conference programme:

September 24

Label end user markets and trends

Day one provides an overview of label end user markets and trends, followed by dedicated sessions assessing the needs and requirements of labels for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries and industrial sectors.

September 25

Innovation in label materials and technology

Day two focuses on the label materials and technology needs of converters, highlighting developments in pre-press, digital printing, security and brand protection, and many other opportunities in narrow web converting.

September 26

What’s new in bottle decoration and branding?

Day three is dedicated to innovations in bottle decoration and branding, including wrap-around and RoSo labelling, pressure sensitive decoration, shrink sleeving and wet glue label technology.

Each session can be booked individually and costs e30 in advance, €e[/euro]40 on the door.

Tarsus Tel: +44 (0)870 7511 406