Up-to-the minute information on exhibits to be seen in this month's show

Sigma to star in show demo

Edale plans to showcase its new dedicated packaging press – the Sigma. Developed from the proven design of its predecessor, the E430/510i, the new machine is claimed to be a “truly shaftless” machine equipped with the latest servo technology. During the show Edale will demonstrate it with a UV flexo shrink sleeve application developed for high impact container decoration.

To guarantee excellent heat management of the substrate, the press will be equipped with a special water cooled UV drying system supplied by IST.

To complement the Sigma, Edale will also demonstrate a four colour UV flexo Alpha producing a high quality cosmetic label on self adhesive PP. The press will be running in line with a Matho waste management system that chops and compacts the matrix. Available with up to five colours and a wide range of options including cold foiling, which will be demonstrated, the Alpha is “truly in a class of its own”, the company boasts. It is also claimed to combine a “modest” price with the ability to provide excellent print quality.

According to Edale, the introduction of the Sigma alongside its Alpha compact press, Beta modular press and Webmastery bespoke service now provide the company with a complete portfolio of machinery for use in the label, packaging and carton industries. Stands 6I110/6G150.

Edale Tel: +44 (0)01794 524422 www.edale.co.uk

Data on demand

Domino will exhibit ‘Domino-ON-Demand’ – a complete variable data printing solution comprising estimating, prepress, proofing and printing modules. Utilizing the latest drop-on-demand Piezo technology, it is said to allow the end user to add variable data capability to a job. At the same time, claims the company, it saves time and set-up costs by allowing the prepress operator to design, lay out and proof the job long before it reaches final print production.

Particularly suited to web applications, Domino-ON-Demand can be scaled to suit high quality variable data projects of all sizes. The heads can print a variety of inks onto a wide range of substrates. UV curing options are available to speed up the drying process. Domino’s Martin Phillips boasts: “Our customers will regularly be achieving 10-30 per cent reductions in makeready times, compared with alternative technologies.” Stand 7K105.

Domino UK T: +44 (0)1954 782551 www.domino-uk.com

Safer tab inserting

Vacuumatic has developed a “cost effective” system that will apply an alphanumeric coded self adhesive label to the edge of web-fed processes moving at up to 600m/min. The self contained unit will take a signal from a handheld input device, or can be linked to a vision inspection system.

Main benefit of the RTIS 2 system is said to be increased safety. Operators need no longer risk personal injury by getting too close to high speed rewind materials and equipment, to apply marking by hand. A second benefit claimed is a reduction in waste material. The RTIS 2 is said to be much faster than any other means of response and inserts the label and ID code extremely close to a fault. This enables the product to be precisely re-wound and faults clearly identified for subsequent extraction, according to the company. Stand 11P45.

Vacuumatic Tel: +44 (0)1206 756902 www.vacuumatic.com

Labels like photos

A product introduced jointly by Ilford Imaging, GRE, and VIPColor is a self adhesive labelstock – provisionally called Ilfoseal – said to be capable of photographic print quality when used with the VP2020 ink jet printer and a purpose designed GRE sealing device. Using Ilford patented technology, it seals itself after printing to become highly glossy, water resistant and scuff-proof. Stand 11R35

Ilford Tel: +44 (0)1565 684060 www.ILFORD.com

Films to suit special applications

CPFilms offers a wide choice of films for specialized label products. The Clearsil range includes optically clear liners offering a total haze of less than 2.5 per cent, available on 25-125 micron polyester with easy, tight or differential silicone coatings. All Clearsil release liners are coated in a cleanroom, said to allow the film to be contaminant and scratch-free and optically clear with consistent release, run-to-run. CPFilms offers a range of release levels and chemistries.

Also new are multi coloured printed polyester liners for a range of label applications, and vacuum metallized and deep dyed coloured polyester films for use as decorative facestock and conductive packaging. Other enhanced films include optically clear adhesives, scratch resistant hard coats, UV absorbing, IR blocking, static dissipative, and combined dyed metallized films. Stand 12Y60.

CPFilms Tel: +1 276 627 3332 www.cpfilms.com

In its own image

Esko-Graphics plans to demonstrate the Dupont Cyrel Digital Imager Spark XT, aimed at small and medium volume label and folding carton flexo plate makers and converters. It is said to feature a long life, low maintenance fibre laser and the same four-beam optical system as the CDI PowerBeam models. It images DuPont Cyrel and other brands of digital photopolymer plates in sizes up to 48 x 35in.

The new 3.0 version of the PackEdge packaging prepress application introduces full PDF 1.4 support and improved tools for shrink sleeves, bar codes and data driven design. Stand 5A30.

Esko-Graphics Tel: +32 9 216 95 79 www.esko-graphics.com

UV inks for screen and flexo to be introduced

Intercolor, with parent company Zeller+Gmelin, will introduce the Optiscreen range of UV screen printing inks for rotary and flat bed screen printing. It is designed for use on papers as well as transparent and opaque plastics, and to be overprinted in-line with Intercolor UV curing products whether UV flexo, UV letterpress or UV offset formulations.

Also shown will be the latest low odour, free radical curing UV flexo inks: Uvaflex Y6/Y7 (for plastics films, synthetic papers and aluminium foils) and Optiflex (for papers and boards). In addition, Intercolor has developed a new ink series for UV waterless applications. Called Toracure, it is said to offer very good ink acceptance on different plastics films, excellent half tone printing, and very good adhesion. It is silicon-free, suitable for varnishing and lacquering, and for lamination – and VOC-free. Stand 11P100.

Intercolor Tel: + 44 (0)1708 899091 www.intercolor-ink.com

Digital converting development

Launching on stand 11R35 will be the GRE Digital Converter, a complete tag and label, short run system incorporating the VP2020 four colour inkjet print engine from VIPColor. The standard configuration includes lamination, a Digicut die cutting module, and matrix and finished reel rewinding. GRE will also feature VIPColor’s new VP8020 colour laser printer running in pack-to-pack and roll-to-roll configurations. Options are available to tailor the GRE Digital Converter to meet specialized requirements including sheeting, foil stamping, UV coating and curing, hologram insertion and rotary die cutting with fixed solid or flexible magnetic dies.

GRE Engineering Products Tel: +41 71 474 7220 www.gre.ch

Web inspection system ‘is easy to use’

BST International will introduce its Powerscope 3000 video web inspection system. Said to have been “designed from the ground up for optimal ease of use and functionality”, it includes simplified icons and novel new features such as Dynamic Image Update and Quick Zoom with memorized positions, allowing operators to perform basic functions more efficiently and effortlessly than competitive systems.

Available in both manual and motorized versions, the Powerscope comes standard with a large 104 x 76mm field of view, 32x magnification, 17in monitor and horizontal and vertical split screen. These make it ideal for use on label presses, says BST. Stand 11Q60.

BST International Tel: +1 630 833 9900 www.bstpromark.com

Colour print claimed to cost less

VIPColor is to debut the VP8020 short run colour printing system. Employing ‘cool fusion’ colour electro photographic technology to handle variable data content on-demand, this “extremely flexible” unit is also said to cost less than its competitors.

The VP8020 is said to print a continuous web of up to 25-letter size (8.5 x 11in) impressions/min in full colour with 600 x 1,800dpi resolution providing “remarkably smooth tonal transition”. A simple digital workflow and user interface is said to reduce time spent on set-up and cleaning significantly, enabling the user to handle short runs and quick turnarounds even with variable content.

It can handle a wide range of materials in multiple thicknesses, as well as being “adhesive friendly”, the company states. Stand 11R35.

VIPColor Technologies Tel: +1 510 744 3738 www.vipcolor.com