In the autumn of 2000 Coca Cola decided to develop a new packaging format in the form of a film-wrapped 4x 1.5 litre PET bottle pack. This new pack required the installation of a new line specifically dedicated to the packaging of palletised loads which was brought on stream at Coca Cola’s Grigny plant in 2001.

Coca Cola’s objective was to begin despatching these new packs in the spring of 2001so the company decided to commission a production environment integrator with the design of the entire new line. The latter chose newtec which had already installed various handling and palletising equipment for the group.

The installation flow diagram above shows all the functions which newtec has integrated into this new production line. The installation covers all operations to protect loads palletised on an existing palletiser. All pallet transfer operations are carried out using the newtec range of modular and standard equipment.