Rieke Packaging Systems Titegrip range of drum and pail closures includes plugs and flanges in 20mm and 50mm sizes, Capseals for added protection against tampering and leakage; and its PPN fusible closure for drums containing combustible materials.

Titegrip plugs and flanges are made in premium deep-drawn quality steel to ensure long-term performance. Special features include rolled threads that reduce the chance of contaminating a drum’s contents with metal burs or shavings.

To tailor the closures for different types of products, they can be specified in electro-zinc plating, unplated steel or lined with a variety of commercial coatings.

Cap seals can be specified in metal, plastics with metal ring or all plastics to suit different applications. They have been developed to meet two vital requirements of the drum and large container market – tampering and leak protection.

The PPN fusible closure has been designed particularly for use with combustible materials and is approved to Factory Mutual and UN Packing Group I, II and III standards.

The plug is made in reinforced nylon which provides a reliable seal but, when exposed to extreme heat, melts away in the centre to allow volatile gases to vent to reduce the risk of explosion.