Scitex Vision press builds on environmental success for Visy Displays, Australia

A Scitex Vision CORjet industrial inkjet press installed at the Visy Displays facility in Melbourne, Australia, has enabled the company to expand into fresh markets, while offering new services to existing clients.

Maintaining high environmental standards is something that is extremely important to Visy, a division of the Visy Industries packaging and paper recycling group. Sybil Clyne, general manager, explains: “Our aim is to supply our customers with environmentally sound, leading edge, packaging and display solutions. Choosing the CORjet to meet these needs was the natural choice.

Trials on our 100 per cent recycled clay coated corrugated board proved the best fit to our existing business and, importantly, the machine uses water based inks, which corresponds well with our high profile environmental policies. Its ability to carry out cost effective short runs was a big draw for us, with its automatic feed system proving to be a real benefit.”

She continues, “It is perfect for POP, packaging prototypes and print on demand solutions where time is of the essence. The machine has given us the edge in the area of new product development; it allows us to print targeted, personalized, promotional products for niche markets with the ability to make print changes quickly and economically.”

Visy was initially attracted by the speed and quality of the products the press is able to produce, and the potential to create new market opportunities quickly became apparent.

The six colour CORjet was installed at the end of September, 2003, and produced its first commercial job in October.

“We had previously steered away from fast turn-around, short run work,” admits Sybil Clyne, “but the CORjet has opened new doors for us. Now, we are producing an increasing number of bright, colourful merchandizers for in-store promotions of FMCG products for well known national and international brands. We also produce header cards and some single sheet signage. We manufacture corrugated board here at the plant and it’s very satisfying – and efficient – to be able to make the board and print it at the same site.”

Fast production

Clay coated corrugated board is a Visy speciality and the stock is well suited to POP displays because of the high definition and vibrancy of the colours that can be produced. The company installed a flatbed CAD operated digital die cutter alongside the Scitex Vision press, so displays and packaging can be quickly scored and die cut, ready for assembly. This combination of state of the art equipment enables fast and economical production of concept mock-ups of displays and packaging.

“We can show clients an excellent sample of proposed displays very quickly,” she continues. “It’s helped the sales and marketing effort enormously, not only for our own sales team but also our clients’.”

There is a cross-over point from digital to conventional production but it varies greatly from job to job depending on the product, layout and process – and then there is the elimination of film and plate costs.

“We’ve been delighted with the overall performance of the CORjet,” she says. “Printing at 600dpi is finer than screen printing. The all-digital workflow helps eliminate errors and the finish is very good. The extra cyan/blue and extra yellow in the ink set makes a big difference in achieving bright yellows and accurate blues. We’re very glad we’ve moved into this exciting, dynamic market. In two to three years, the machines will be faster, so it’s important that we’re into digital production now. Digital is the future,” she concludes.

Claimed to be the first digital inkjet press developed for the corrugated market, the CORjet can print sheet sizes up to 160cm x 320cm at a rate of up to 150m2/hour, delivering up to 29 full format sheets/hour in high quality 600dpi ‘two-pass mode’. The printing process is completely automatic from the high capacity automatic loader that feeds the print unit, to the dryer and finally to the automatic unloader. The CORjet has 3.8 litre (one gallon) ink reservoirs, so it can be run with minimal supervision.


Heart of the press is the proprietary Aprion technology with piezoelectric printheads that can be arranged in multiple arrays and a wide range of configurations. The result is said to be a robust system that can deliver more than 25,000 drops/s from each of 512 nozzles on each print head. This gives not only speed, but quality and a stability that ensures repeatability, according to Sciitex Vision.


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