Laem slitters play critical part in meeting quality standards

Italian manufacturer Laem System recently delivered a second of its new generation TR 555 slitter rewinders to Luxemburg based metallizing specialist Met-Lux. The TR 555 has been specially designed to handle metallized film and other delicate materials.

Met-Lux has been in operation since 1997. Its 9,000m2 factory has a staff of 52 and is equipped with four vacuum metallizers, with an overall capacity of around 20,000t/year. Thanks to increasing market demand, they are working continuously, in three shifts, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It now has five Laem slitters – two TR 555s and three earlier TR550 models.


To meet the stringent requirements of the company’s ISO 9001 quality standard accreditation, each of the metallizers, as well as the new Laem slitter, is equipped with special web inspection instruments for detecting defects on the metallized surface, such as pin-holes, scratches, and absence of metallization). All pin-holes detected are automatically sealed by a special regenerator device included in the system.

“This technology is essential for our commitment to quality,” says Met-Lux production manager Marc Ferrari. “Thatis why we asked Laem to integrate this inspection system in their latest machine and to install it on the other TR 555 we installed last year.”

The company manufactures all its films to customer requirements. After processing in the metallizers they are slit ready for delivery to the converters on the five dedicated Laem slitters.

Marc Ferrari continues: “We are very happy with our investment in the slitters from Laem. They have drastically improved the general level of technology by focusing on the problems of metallized and other delicate applications. They have also developed operator friendly features aimed at increasing our productivity. These include a maintenance-free web threading device and the automatic positioning of the rewinding stations and knives, controlled from a selected recipe in the operator panel.

Quality guaranteed

“Moreover, the seamless integration of special instruments and applications, like their web inspection device, together with their innovative solution of the pin-hole detector, guarantees the quality of our finished reels.”

Laem developed the TR 555 specifically to achieve the highest productivity while working on extremely delicate applications such as metallized or coated materials. The machine’s main features include high precision centre winding with individually controlled motorized stations provided with adjustable pressure for lay-on rollers. The driven rollers are covered with a special tape to ensure that there is no abrasion on the web material.

The slitter is available for different jumbo roll web widths up to 3,300mm,and has special rewinding arms that enable exceptionally large finished reel diameters to be reached – up to 1,200mm. A maximum working speed of 1,000m/min is claimed to guarantee the highest productivity. Automatic presetting of web tension is provided to match each individual material specification.

The TR 555 is also said to offer easy and accessible maintenance, backed by a remote assistance solution to reduce machine downtime. The slitter’s modular design allows further upgrades, such as the incorporation of special rewinding methods.


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