The screen team

Many press manufacturers have chosen to incorporate Stork rotary printing technology into their systems. Raymond Wiggers, the Dutch company’s sales manager, explains: “Rotary screen printing has become an in-demand technique for printing primary packages and labels. For decorative purposes, it is best used in combination with other printing methods. Given the extra impact it gives to packages, because it is the only method to deliver brilliant varnishes, opaques and tactile features, it’s not surprising that printers the world over want to incorporate it into their production portfolio,” he boasts.

“Many converters prefer using Stork’s systems to meet their rotary screen needs. They deliver high quality at relatively fast speeds, offer low set-up time, and the Rotamesh screens, made of pure nickel, are re-usable and extremely durable. As a result, most of the major OEM press manufacturers have become keen to incorporate the Stork technology in their combination systems.”

To date, the company has forged partnerships with 34 companies. Its role in each partnership is to supply the technology, know-how and – crucially – after-sales support, that enables them to make rotary screen printing systems available to their customers. It supervises the adoption of the technology, either through new presses, or by retrofitting it into existing presses at the customer’s premises, through its Rotary Screen Integration programme.

“Stork also invests heavily in training OEMs and converters, so they are able to use the system with greatest effectiveness,” he adds. “One of the big benefits is that significant savings can be made over the long term on consumables. A key factor is that Rotamesh screens can be re-engraved, so you don’t need a new one for each job. In fact, they are designed to be used up to 12 times.” Engraving is carried out at the company’s studios in The Netherlands, USA, Japan, South America, Mexico and China. A 36 hour turnaround is promised, whatever the customer’s location.

“Stork maintains strict confidence in dealing with each OEM partner,” he continues. “The trust companies share with it has resulted in a host of ground breaking developments in combination printing.”

Examples are the collaboration with Nilpeter (see below) and with Codimag, which has produced a semi rotary screen printing unit to be incorporated into the French press manufacturer’s Viva 340 waterless offset presses. It includes a squeegee that applies minimal downward movement against the screen when it comes off-contact with the web. This differs from alternative semi rotary solutions, where a fixed squeegee position constantly overstretches the screen material in the non printing area. Other alternatives, involving lifting and repositioning the squeegee in the non printing area at each rotation, are said to slow the press and result in non stable print behaviour.

The presses print on all image sizes between 50-305mm. Registration accuracy is better than 0.1mm and productivity up to 50m/min (12,000 prints/hour) in a semi rotary environment, without any compromise in print quality and screen stability, it is claimed.

Stork has also developed a compact cassette that can be easily integrated or retrofitted manually into an existing press. It weighs just 16kg and features adjustable support bearings for fast repeat size change-over within a restricted environment, without the need for complex recalibration.

Stork Prints Tel: +31(0) 485 588485

Liners released

Dutch manufacturer Loparex has developed a series of one and double-side coated filmic PET release liners, starting from 23 micron, coated with solventless silicones. The release properties can be set from premium high speed to tight release with outstanding stability over time claimed. They are said to offer good anchorage to the base film, high clarity, smoothness, stable release and good tack. The PET base film is claimed to provide good web processability even at a width of two metres. These qualities are well suited for applications such as clear-on-clear labels and tape process liners.

Loparex Tel: +31 55 527 6999

Jet plates

New from Jet Europe/Interflex is the Jet Flex 660, a compact batch type processor for solvent wash-out flexo plates up to 660 x 810mm and down to 0.6mm thick. A seven-head, cassette mounted rotary brushing system dries the total plate surface simultaneously.

Jet Europe/Interflex Tel: +31 36 537 2828


The three-year technology partnership between Mark Andy and Dutch company Multi Print Systems has ended by mutual consent. MPS is now expanding its sales and service programmes worldwide. Latest product is the EC machine for label printing. It features the company’s Crisp.Dot technology to avoid plate deformation.

Multi Print Systems Tel: +31(0) 316 225666

Printing partnership potential

The addition of Giebeler Druckmaschinen to the Drent Goebel Group and the presentation of the multifunctional VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) rotary packaging press dominated a recent open day at the Dutch group’s Eerbeek facility.

“This is the most important development in the field of packaging printing presses I have ever seen,” was one guest’s reaction to the demonstration of the multifunctional VSOP press with variable repeat length. Reactions to the joining of Drent Goebel and Giebeler were equally positive, it is reported, “as it combines all the knowledge and experience in the field of variable sleeve-offset for packaging and related markets under one roof”.

Managing director Rob Teunissen boasted: “This merger has made us the most important market player in the world, with a huge technical and commercial lead in the area of fully variable rotary offset printing presses for both the packaging and commercial printing markets. In the price/performance ratio of our sleeve-offset concepts, we are at the top for the time being, but we do not intend to become monopolist in the format-variable offset rotary segment. Hopefully we have established a standard that will stimulate healthy competition. In the marketplace, which is always beneficial for all parties!”

Following the integration of Giebeler into the group last June, Drent Goebel has maintained its offices in both Eerbeek, The Netherlands and Darmstadt, Germany, with 300 employees. The company specializes in rotary presses with variable repeat length for narrow web offset and other package and security printing applications.

Drent Goebel Tel. +31 (0)313 671 911

Stork screens for Nilpeter presses

Stork Prints is to supply its ‘drop-in screen’ FA3300 retrofittable rotary screen printing cassette to Nilpeter, for installation in the Danish manufacturer’s flexo label converting presses. Nilpeter has agreed to a pre-sale purchase of 25 units.

Comments Jaap Poelman, manager technology group: “This means Nilpeter flexo press users have a drop-in rotary screen printing solution that delivers high quality and accuracy, for a very wide range of label jobs”.

Being very light, the cassette is said to be exceptionally easy to integrate into an existing press. Repeat lengths range from 12-18in. Adjustable support bearings allow fast repeat-size change-over within a restricted environment, without need for complex recalibration.

Converters using the Nilpeter FA series with the Stork cassette will be able to offer such effects as the ‘no-label look’ and numerous varnish techniques to differentiate packages and labels.

Stork Prints Tel: +31(0) 485 588485

Presstek in Benelux distribution deal

Provider of direct digital imaging technology Presstek has established a new distribution channel in the Benelux. The US company has appointed Blikman & Sartorius to sell and service its Dimension series of CTP systems and chemistry-free CTP plates in The Netherlands. B&S will also sell and service the Ryobi 3404DI direct digital imaging press and related consumables. The Ryobi 3404 DI is also distributed in Belgium by MAN Roland, a sister Omnigraph Group company.

Presstek’s CTP solutions are tailored for small to medium sized printers. B&S director Henry de Vaal says: “Most printers are now moving into computer-to-plate systems. Presstek’s technology offers them the ideal plate solution. Chemistry-free processing is of extreme importance in The Netherlands, where environmental regulations are very strict.

Presstek Tel: +1 603 594 8585

Scitex opens academy

The VisionAcademy, a training and customer support centre, is now open at Scitex Vision’s new European headquarters in Zaventem, near Brussels. The courses are designed to improve customers’ knowledge when using Scitex Vision equipment. Initial training is available on the CORjet, VEEjet, XLjet and Grandjet, as well systems for workflow and RIPing. Scitex says achieving optimum results and gaining a sound understanding of digital workflow will enable customers to get the most out of its products.

Scitex Vision Tel: + 972 9 8924766


Aircushion systems for transporting heavy rolls and reels up to 12,000kg are available from Netherlands based Aerofilm.

Aerofilm Systems Tel: +31 40 255 03 03

EPB, of Wellen, in Belgium, recently installed a DC-600 slitter rewinder from Converting Solutions (Consol), for conversion of printed films. The machine has many time saving features, all claimed to have added greatly to finished product quality, productivity and slitting efficiency.

Consol Tel: +44 (0)7771 735 875

Dotrix’s range of anti counterfeiting solutions now includes the variable data printing and substrate capabilities of its digital colour inkjet press, the.factory. The ability to raise or lower its inkjet printing heads according to the substrate thickness enables it to print any material from ultra thin films to boards.

Dotrix Tel: +32 (9) 216 97 11

Edale Nederland has been formed by UK manufacturer of narrow web flexo presses. Edale will be demonstrating its Alpha and Sigma presses at Labelexpo, on stands 6I110 and 6G150 (see Labelexpo feature).

Edale Tel: +44 (0)1794 524422

Fischbein claims various attractive capabilities for its new models 200 and 201 high speed systems for sewing open mouth bags of any kind of material.

Fischbein Tel: +32 2 555 11 70

Belgium based Esko-Graphics is a global supplier of digital packaging prepress and pre-production products. Its range includes Kongsberg sample making tables. ArtiosCAD 5.0 packaging design software and the CDI family of flexo plate and/or sleeve imaging systems, and label and packaging design software. (See Labelexpo feature).

Esko-Graphics Tel: +32 (0) 9 216 92 11