Cabot has introduced an HDPE-based conductive compound for blow-moulded products that require high impact strength as well as permanent protection against electrostatic dis-charge.

Typical applications for the new compound, CABELEC 4730, are drums, jerrycans and other containers for the transport of dangerous materials. Containers made of CA4730 have passed the UN standards, which include tests for impact, pressure and chemical compatibility, and are listed as BAM-approved packaging.

The component is also recommended for components which come into contact with fuel/air mixtures with the potential for being exploded by electrostatic discharge.

The combination of conductivity and particularly good impact strength [57kj/m] has been achieved by con-trolled compounding of a selected grade of carbon black in an HDPE-based formulation. As the carbon black does not migrate, it ensures permanent, controlled conductivity.

This special grade of carbon black absorbs little moisture so the compound does not usually need to be dried before processing. Conventional blow-mould-ing equipment can be used but low shear conditions are recommended in order to maintain maximum conduc-tivity in the finished parts.